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North Bear Custom Hunting Knife
It sounds like the North Bear custom hunting knife is highly regarded for its superior quality, precision, attention to detail, and skilled craftsmanship. Custom knives often have a dedicated following among outdoor enthusiasts, especially hunters who rely on a high-quality blade for various tasks. The fact that it's crafted in the United States.

North Bear Handmade Damascus Steel Sanmai Cobra Movie Knife | Outdoor Hiking Camping Hunting Survival Knife | Full Tang Fixed Blade | Leather Sheath

-40% North Bear Handmade Damascus Steel Sanmai Cobra Movie Knife | Outdoor Hiking Camping Hunting Survival Knife | Full Tang Fixed Blade | Leather Sheath

North Bear handmade Damascus steel hunting and survival Sanmai Cobra movie knife refers to a knife inspired by the knife used in the movie "Cobra," which features a distinctive design and appearance. While there may be variations in replicas or custom versions of this knife, let's explore the key aspects often associated with a Cobra movie knife:

1. Design: The Cobra movie knife typically has a unique and visually striking design. It often features a large, sweeping blade with a distinct curve, a prominent clip point, and a file work on spine. The handle may have ergonomic grooves or contours for a comfortable grip.

2. Damascus Steel: Damascus steel is a type of steel known for its distinctive patterns, strength, and durability. It is created by layering and forging different types of steel 15N20 and 1095 together, often with different carbon content, to create a patterned blade. The process involves repeatedly folding and welding the steel layers to create a solid and robust blade.

3. Sanmai Construction: Sanmai is a Japanese term that refers to the construction technique of sandwiching a hard core steel between two layers of softer steel. This combination provides the blade with a strong, durable edge while maintaining flexibility and resistance to breaking. The outer layers of softer steel also serve to protect the core steel from corrosion.

4. Hunting and Survival Features: In addition to the trench knife design, a hunting and survival version may include additional features to enhance its functionality in outdoor scenarios. This could include a file-work on spine and cutting through wood, an outdoor for field dressing game, fishing line, hiking or a camping.


  • Overall length: 15.25".
  • Blade length: 8.50".
  • Handle length: 6.75".
  • Handle Scale: Micarta 
  • Blade width: 3.00"
  • Blade thickness: 7 mm
  • Steel: Damascus Steel
  • Hardness: 60C Rockwell 
  • Free Leather Sheath 

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North Bear Custom Knife crafted in the United States.


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