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About Us

About Us:

Welcome to North Bear Custom Knife crafted in the United States. Thank you!

Custom handmade knives have acquired popularity due to their craftsmanship and distinctive designs. Handmade knives are frequently manufactured in areas such as small shops where generations of talented artists have been producing knives and blades for a variety of reasons. Here are some important considerations to remember about handmade knives:

1. Traditional Craftsmanship: Knife making has been practiced for ages, with techniques passed down through generations. Knives that reflect the country's rich cultural past are created by artisans using traditional techniques and tools.

2. Diverse Designs: Custom handmade knives come in a wide range of designs, including traditional patterns and modern adaptations. The patterns are often characterized by intricate engravings, patterns, and motifs that are unique to the region.

3. Materials: Knives are crafted using various types of steel, with Damascus steel being a popular choice for its strength and beautiful patterning. Handle materials can vary and may include wood, bone, horn, stag or even more modern materials like micarta and G-10.

4. Utility and Decoration: These knives are often both functional tools and pieces of art. They can be used for various purposes such as hunting, camping, and everyday tasks, but many are also collected and displayed for their aesthetic value.

5. Distinguishing Features: Custom knives may feature distinctive elements such as the "Kukri" knife, known for its curved and highly decorative blade, or the knife, which often has an ornate hilt and a slightly curved blade.

6. Export and Demand: Custom handmade knives have increased in popularity not only in the United States, but also internationally. Many are exported to other countries and are highly sought after by collectors and traditional craft enthusiasts.

7. Quality and Authenticity: While there are many skilled artisans producing high-quality knives, it's important to be cautious about authenticity and quality. As with any craft, there can be variations in skill and material quality.

8. Cultural Significance: Handmade knives have cultural significance in the United States, where they are frequently associated with tribal traditions, ceremonies, and workmanship. They are occasionally given as gifts at important occasions and events.

9. Legal Considerations: International if you're planning to purchase or import a handmade knife, be aware of the legal regulations regarding the import and possession of such items in your country. Some countries have strict regulations on certain types of knives.

Our products related to handmade hunting and survival knives, including various types of knives. Here's a brief overview of the products:

1. Tracker Knife: A tracker knife is a versatile tool designed for outdoor activities like hunting, camping, and survival. It typically features a fixed blade with a distinctive curved shape that's useful for a variety of tasks.

2. Pocket or Folding Knife: Pocket knives, also known as folding knives, are compact and versatile tools that can be easily carried in your pocket. They're designed for everyday tasks and often come with multiple blades or tools built into the handle.

3. Cobra Movie Knife: The Cobra movie knife likely refers to a knife featured in a particular movie, possibly "Cobra" starring Sylvester Stallone. Movie-inspired knives often have unique designs and can be popular among collectors or fans of the film.

4. Trench Knife: Trench knives have a historical significance as they were originally designed for close combat during World War I. These knives typically have a distinctive knuckle guard for added protection to the user's hand.

5. Kris Dagger Knife: The Kris dagger is a traditional weapon originating from Southeast Asia, known for its wavy or serpentine blade. It has cultural significance and is often valued for its craftsmanship and artistic design.

6. Full Integral Kukri Knife: refers to a type of kukri knife that is made from a single piece of material, where the blade, handle, and tang are all forged or machined from a single continuous piece of metal. This is in contrast to traditional kukri knives where the blade and tang are often separate pieces attached to a handle. Full integral knives are known for their strength and durability due to their construction. Since there are no joints or welds between the blade, tang, and handle, they are less likely to break or fail under heavy use. These knives often have a streamlined and minimalist appearance, as they lack separate handle scales or bolsters.  

You will enjoy swift service, a solid guarantee, quick delivery, and secure online ordering as a customer. We now service consumers from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, and Germany. Our loyal and repeat customers account for a major portion of our revenue.

We hope you like our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. We want to be your first choice for a high-quality handmade knife.

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